Dry Wall Patch Near S 9th St Phoenix, AZ 85040

Project Description

With project Phoenix 85040, we were asked to repair a sizeable hole in the drywall. It had been made by the previous tenant, and our client needed a rent-ready house. We sent in our local handyman to get started immediately.

If you’re curious how to repair a large drywall hole, we’ll go over the process we used. Of course, if you need drywall repairs, you can also give us a call—we’ll fix your walls too!

Step 1: Take the Measurements

It’s critical to get accurate measurements of the hole. This was simple enough because it was circular. Our team member measured across the widest part of the hole and noted the measurement.

He repeated this horizontally, and at a few different points to ensure that all the measurements were right. We’re pretty particular about that. It saves time in the long run.

Step 2: Make the Hole a Square

This makes patching easier. We also checked to make sure that we weren’t going to hit any plumbing or wiring.

Step 3: Cut a Spare Scrap of Drywall

In this step, we cut a scrap of drywall to fit precisely into the hole. For this situation, we needed to cut our own drywall patches because the hole was quite big.

Step 4: Apply the Furring Slips

These are two little bits of wood that are fitted into the wall. They needed to be longer than the hole so that they could be screwed into the wall. We left a small gap between the two so that we could hold them in place while screwing them in.

We screwed them in on the top and bottom of the hole to ensure they were secure.

Step 5: Screw the Drywall in Place

We secured the drywall to the furring strips in two places.

Step 6: Applying Joint Tape

We used a self-adhesive joint tape – it’s a lot easier—and applied it slightly bigger than the hole so that all joins would be covered up.

Step 7: Sand and Finish

The sanding is what gives it that smooth finish. With another coat of interior paint over the top, you’d never even know it was there.

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