DYI – Install a Doggie Door In Exterior Door

Here we will show you how to install a dog door fast.


Tools required to Install a Doggie Door In Exterior Door

Hey we all know that dogs like to be outside, and more importantly, it gives them the option to go to the bathroom as they needed so what tools do you need?

  1. screwdriver
  2. hammer
  3. measuring tape
  4. straight edge /Leveler 
  5. painter’s tape
  6. Jigsaw with metal cutting blades/circular saw
  7. Drill and drill bits

Materials needed to stain and resurface a wood door

High-quality doggie door,  in this case, we have installed ” PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door ” you can also find great door at Home Depot or Lowes 

Let's get started

Installing this door if you have never done this before will probably going to take you about an hour to two hours. First thing you have to do is remove the door from the hinges and laying it flat on horses.

Then take the door template and Place it where you would want to do your cuts, Use painters tape to hold a template in place.


Using your Jigsaw with metal cutting blades/circular saw Start by cutting directly on top of the template in the necessary size. 

Remember always be careful when you’re using power tools like these, Also it is very important to use eyewear to protect your eyes.


Great now we have the door all cut to size exactly as we want it, 
Let’s put the door back on its hinges and start assembling the frame of the doggie door.

Once the doors back in place you can take the frame and cut the holes as you need them for the screws.


Now that you have the holes ready for the screws just hold the frame back to back to its both of the parts screw it down together and that’s it you have a brand new doggie door installed

See how we did it

FAQ front Stain wood door

how much does it cost to stain a front door?

The cost of materials is about $100-$200, If you hire a professional to stain your door to price can vary from door to door Different doors will require different skills and some will have a larger square footage homeowners reports the pay between $750 to $4500 Accordingly to Home Adviser

should i paint or stain my front door?

If your front door is made out of wood you should stain in it to get the beautiful look of the wood. Although if your front door is made out of metal steel or any other materials you should paint it. 

can you stain a steel front door?

No metal or steel cannot be stained.

how many coats of stain for front door?

One or two coats usually will do the job just fine it really depends on the quality of stain you are going to use for your door. 

More resources

This is a great guide from Lowe’s 

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E. Jonathan C. is a Licensed contractor located in Chandler Az, Jonathan has many years of experience when it comes to all remodeling, renovations, Home improvement from small to large projects. 

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