How to Find a Great Painting Company

So you’ve decided that your house needs a new coat of paint and you’ve started looking for a reliable contractor. Instead of asking, “Who are the painters near me?” consider asking, “How do I find great painters?” There are many companies in Chandler, AZ who will offer you great rates and will look excellent on paper, but you may wind up being disappointed with the results. So how do you make sure that you find a great painting company for your interior paint job the first time around? Here are some tips to help you find a great painter in your area.

Shop around

When looking for a painter in your area, be sure to check out a couple of companies that offer interior painting services. You can use all sorts of ways to find painters, including talking to family members and friends to get recommendations. Checking out the internet and googling, “Painters near me” might help as well.

Are They Certified?

Once you’ve got a list of painting companies, you can start narrowing them down to those that look most promising. Firstly, make sure that the company has the appropriate licenses and follow up with the Better Business Bureau to see if the painter has many complaints against them. While licenses and trade certifications can’t guarantee good quality work, it shows a level of commitment on the part of the painting company to be reliable and professional. For instance, Az Express Services is licensed with Arizona State to conduct minor home improvements, which include painting services.

By doing these checks, you should be able to narrow down your list of potential painting companies down to around three or four, and you can then start getting quotes from these companies.

Get quotes

Quotes are about much more than finding out how much the job will cost. Obviously, that’s an important factor in your considerations, but the entire quote process will also let you evaluate the painting company on a couple of different levels. If the painter is late for the quote walkthrough, you know they’ll be unreliable once the job starts. If they quote way under what other companies are quoting, you can be sure they’re cutting corners somewhere. Make sure that the estimate you get offers not only a simple number but a breakdown of the budget of the project as well as expected timeframes for completion.

Get the Painting Company to do a Walkthrough

Your first initial contact with a painting company will tell you a lot about how they conduct business. It gives you a chance to talk to the contractor about the size of the crew that will be working on your job as well as how long they expect the job to take. You can use your initial impressions to decide whether the company is professional, neat, and reliable, all of which are important factors that will come into play when the job is underway.

A good way of gauging how accurate the quote is going to be is to see how long the contractor takes before coming up with the quote. Good painting companies will take their time during the assessment stage, making sure they’re taking all the various aspects of the job into account. If the contractor just looks at the size of the house and gives you an estimate, you can almost be sure that the estimate will be inaccurate. If the contractor takes their time, checking the state of the walls, looking for dampness, and noting any potential issues that may crop up, you can expect a much more reliable quote, both in terms of budget and timeframe.

Explain Your Expectations

When you first meet with a painting company to get a quote, make your expectations for the job are very clear. If you want perfectly painted walls, make sure the painting company knows that, since they have to do extensive prep work before the first layer of paint goes on to ensure a perfect finish. If you’re willing to settle for less-than-perfect in order to save both time and money, discuss the matter with the painter and make sure they know what an acceptable level of quality is and what isn’t. This will affect your quote, so be clear and upfront about your expectations.

Get references

There are many places that you can get references for interior painting service. They may provide references themselves, or you can check online as well. Be aware that many people will complain, but few will promote a good job. Many review sites are skewed towards negative reviews. However, if a painter has hundreds of negative reviews and one positive review, you can expect poor quality service.

If possible, visit sites of previous jobs to see the quality of the paintwork yourself. Also, look at old jobs that have had some time to age. New paint jobs always look shiny and great, but a couple of years will give you a good idea of how the paint job will hold up in the future.

Sign a comprehensive contract

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, hopefully to Az Express Services, make sure you sign a comprehensive contract. This will protect both you and the painting company and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The contract should cover all aspects of the job to assure mutual understanding. The contract should include not only the type of paint that is going to be used but also the application methods and site protection plan that the contractor expects to use.

The contract must also cover payment for the job. Avoid companies that ask for a large deposit up-front, and make sure that you reserve the final portion of the payment until you are 100% satisfied with the job.


Finding a reputable painting company can feel like a shot in the dark. By taking the time and doing the research, you’re more likely to find a company that you’ll have a great working relationship with for years to come. If you’re looking for a reputable, licensed, and bonded painting company in Chandler, AZ, give Az Express Services a call today.