DIY - how to stain front wood door

Here we will teach you we need to know about and how to stain a wood door

Front door re-stain and surface Az Express Services chandler az 85225

Tools needed to stain and resurface a wood door

so you wan to stain your front door, great idea! now lets see what you should have before you get started. 

  1. Small screw driver and small hammer to get the door off the hinge. 
  2. Sanding block or palm sander (we use a dewalt one)
  3. Brush for stain (we used Oil and Stain Polyester Bristle Brush
  4. Mask

Materials needed to stain and resurface a wood door

High quality stain will save you time and you will have to do less coats, we always recommended to choose the best type of stain or paint.


Let's get started

OK so now we have all of our materials and tools we need to complete the job now once you have taken the door out of the hinges place it in a way that will allow you to sand it down, I usually use two horses to put it on. 

Keep in mind you want to choose a place where there is no wind or anything that can Stick to the door while you stain it we recommend to use  your garage Will be in a deal for it.

Once you have the door in a flat position start by taking the hinges the lock in the handle of the door. 

how to stain a front door diy

Once of the door is ready to be sanded start by sending it with the sending block or your palm sander with 220 sending sheet. Work your way slowly until you have to remove the first layer of the old stain or paint and open the grains to Absurd the new stain.
if you are using a palm sander this process should take you about 1-2 hours to do for the whole door if you are doing in thoroughly as you should.
Take your time and do it right this is the prep to get the door to the beautiful finish we want to get.


Now when you are entirely done sanding down the door and get it ready for stain you can start staining it. 

Start your way from the inner section of the door and work your way out, use a nice amount of stain and let the wood Observer it.

handyman chandler stain front door and resurface3
how to stain a front door

stain the Entire door from one side facing up and all four sides on the door so essentially we want to stain everything at the bottom and at the top of the door. 

Now the door is ready for its second and final coat. Once you are done this is the time to apply wood stain sealer.
A sealer can be applied in 2 ways.
A. Spray
B. Brush
when applying sealer, you must be very delaied and make sure you are not missing any part of the door.

let the sealer dry, and the door is ready for use again, just reinstall the hinges and locks and walla you have brand new beautiful entry door again.

FAQ front Stain wood door

how much does it cost to stain a front door?

The cost of materials is about $100-$200, If you hire a professional to stain your door to price can vary from door to door Different doors will require different skills and some will have a larger square footage homeowners reports the pay between $750 to $4500 Accordingly to Home Adviser

should i paint or stain my front door?

If your front door is made out of wood you should stain in it to get the beautiful look of the wood. Although if your front door is made out of metal steel or any other materials you should paint it. 

can you stain a steel front door?

No metal or steel cannot be stained.

how many coats of stain for front door?

One or two coats usually will do the job just fine it really depends on the quality of stain you are going to use for your door. 

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