kitchen backsplash subway tile in chandler

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From a practical perspective, your kitchen is the ideal place to incorporate backsplash tiles into your home decor. As the name suggests, backsplash tiles are designed to protect your wall from liquid damage that could otherwise lead to mold. Beyond that, they look great for minimalistic yet stylish interior design. Essential factors to consider when selecting a backsplash tile are style, color, and material. Popular material choices for this type of flooring include glass, ceramic, marble, metal, and porcelain.

Based on the client’s needs, we decided to go with a rectangular subway style white glossy 3-inch x 6-inch glazed ceramic wall tile from Home Depot. The secret to the quality, evenness, and life of a job like this lies in the precision of our handymen. They must take preparatory measures before starting the installation. After confirming that the wall is spotless, we precisely measured how many tiles of this exact size would be needed to complete the job. From there, we placed a thin layer of mortar down, which we had to distribute on the wall consistently.

After carefully installing each tile in place, we ensure that it held there until it had had time to dry properly to guarantee a quality job. We put the final touches in place, and we rounded off each row of tiles with custom-cut tiles to fit the exact dimensions of the room. The result was a stylish and more water-resistant kitchen with new subway tiles.

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